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55 gallon with pool filter sand
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Joined: 01 Aug 2008

PostPosted: 2008.08.01(Fri)10:07    Post subject: 55 gallon with pool filter sand Reply with quote

I have a 55 gallon with pool filter sand, I love the way it looks however the only problem with it that I don't like is that even after an hour or so after sucking out the fish crap it looks nasty again with more fish crap. I have an AC110 filter on the back and I've been told that the filter is suppose to help suck out the crap?, is there anything I can do to help this along such as adding a powerhead filter on the back, I have another 110 in a box that will go onto my other 55 gallon this weekend but I can put it on the tank to see if it helps for awhile, I may do this anyway to get bacteria started in the filter.

Also I was wondering which substrate to use on the next 55, my wife likes the sand I had been thinking about pea gravel, anyone with experience with this and is it harder to take care of. THANKS.
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Joined: 23 Apr 2006
Location: USA

PostPosted: 2008.08.01(Fri)17:45    Post subject: Reply with quote

My method of cleaning sand is to skim everything I see...then tank my hand and stirr the sand a bit wait a min or two and then skim it again. Seems that theres always some stuff hiding somewhere Smile I would definatly recommend having the extra filter on your established tank to help seed it...will make your cycle time a lot faster. Have you thought of doing a sand gravel mix? I've found that I like those the best. I've always had gravel kind of eratically placed along the back and have it wrap around onto the front a bit then have my sand toward the front...maybe sprinkle a tad of gravel on top of a little of the sand to make it look more natural.
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Joined: 29 Feb 2012

PostPosted: 2012.03.10(Sat)6:14    Post subject: Reply with quote

I use pool filter sand in my tanks and have read of many others doing so. I find it is just slightly heavier than the play sand so doesn't get stirred up so much endangering your filter motor. The stuff I got was very easily cleaned too.
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