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Neotropical Cichlid Phylogeny
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PostPosted: 2008.05.14(Wed)3:04    Post subject: Neotropical Cichlid Phylogeny Reply with quote

The full article is pay, but if you have a college library account you can probably get a hold of it free (like I did).

This is the 2007 revision to those pesky CA cichlids. I'll give everyone a chance to find a copy before discussing it too much, but of note, they list the Jack Dempsey WAY out on its own, the Uro and Petinia as closely related, and lists the closest relative of the Salvini as the good old Firemouth.
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PostPosted: 2008.09.26(Fri)13:08    Post subject: Reply with quote

That is actually very interesting because while I am learning of phylogeny and cladistics in university, this is a real and very complex example. I was looking for the Jack Dempsey but it seems the genus name Cichlasoma is no longer used? Is it equal as that of 'Heros'? To me it is very intersting that the Jack Dempsy (Heros octofasciatus?) does not have any branching, when compared to other lineages, what in its behaviour would cause it to not undergo varying degrees of speciation? The research paper stated that because of this, the uniqueness of the Jack Dempsey is now admired with greater emphasis. Wow it also indicates that because the octofasciatus group is the ONLY monotypic genus it is very possible that it existed long ago to colonize Mesoamerica. Also because of this the Jack Dempsey might be considered as part of a new unnamed genera which includes other 9 unnamed species groups. That certainly insipires me to get a Jack D lol.
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