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when we need to kill a pet
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Joined: 23 Nov 2007
Location: Grand Forks ND USA

PostPosted: 2007.12.07(Fri)17:35    Post subject: when we need to kill a pet Reply with quote

Part of the duty of any pet owner is the understanding that you are going to be in control of the death of your pet.

I don't believe it's very good to say to yourself, "Oh maybe the pet will just die in their sleep when they get old and I will not have to deal with it"
I think thats being a poor pet owner , and shows you don't understand the duty you have to your pet and the position you have in their lives.

You have to always remember this when you think of getting that new kitten or puppy.

Our fish pets, cats and dogs have only us to feed them and to care for them.
Part of the trade-off with the love and joy our pets bring us is the pain we both must suffer when the time comes for our pet to die.

Remember, we are their "Masters"
We have taken to ourselves the powerfull position of nature.
Being in the place of nature means we have to face the role with the understanding that part of our duty is to control not only the way our pet lives, but also the way our pet dies.

But we don't have to copy nature.
We can work to bring a human kindness to the life of our pets that they would not know in the wild.
For in wild nature, such animals die most of the time in the jaws of another animal.

As the "master" of our pets, we must understand that the quality of life , and the quality of death, that our pet receives is all up to us.
As such I fully understand the human need to find as pain-free a death for a beloved pet as we can.
I have owned many dogs and I have tried but it is hard to forget the last look they gave me as we put them down.

With pet fish or wild food fish we catch, we don't have to go crazy in concern for them because it's foolish to worry about the "feelings" of a fish .
Fish and humans are totally different and we only fool ourselves if we think we can understand what they are thinking.

However there is nothing wrong with seeking to put them to death as fast as we can.
With most wild fish I catch with hook and line, a good "bang" on their heads mostly stuns them enough to allow me kill them by other means.
I would say that about the best and most pain-free way to kill a pet fish would be to wack real hard in their heads, then place in a plastic bag and into the freezer .
The wack in the head makes them numb, and the freezer for a cold-blooded animal is a very calm way to die.

Calm not only for the fish, but also for us the fish owners.

It is VERY important for both the fish and the fish owner that the needed death of a pet fish happen as cleanly and as calmly as can be done.
Not only to shorten the suffering of the dear pet, but also so as to not cause too much suffering on the part of the fish owner, to the point where future fish ownership becomes in doubt.

Thus the need and duty we have as the masters of our many pets, to understand the role we have in their lives and deaths.

And to do what needs to be done as best we can, understanding the importance of our roles, and once the work of ending a pets life is finished, also understanding the need we owe ourselves to not let this last duty we perform change us away from keeping future pets.

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Joined: 23 Nov 2007
Location: Grand Forks ND USA

PostPosted: 2007.12.07(Fri)18:34    Post subject: Reply with quote

I keep Koi fish.
I love Koi, I like the fact that they grow nice and big, and really do interact with me as I walk by their aquarium.

But I also know that one day, when I see that a Koi of mine has reached the end of their stay in my life, that it's up to me to end their life.

With past Koi that were real big, I have to expect that with any such big fish, there is going to be a struggle.
There is going to be a understanding that when I catch the fish this next time in my dip net, that this will also be the last time I will need to do that.

Being ready in mind, as well as getting things ready for the "moment" is important.
It's human to have doubts, it's human to feel sorry for your pet.
It's human to stumble in the moment when you needed to act with speed.
But it's also human to understand the bigger concepts that come with pet ownership.
And it's human to face a hard challenge like this and become stronger from it.

Whatever means you use, it's best to be all set to go, so that you are able to control as best you can, the way you go about this last act of pet ownership.
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