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Dumbest Fish Keeping Mistakes
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Joined: 09 Mar 2006
Location: It changed but I'm not telling you where silly children. :)

PostPosted: 2008.11.10(Mon)20:08    Post subject: Reply with quote

Leaving a heavy as hell tank in one spot for years is my new mistake.

I recently moved and the tank's stand left visually powerful red marks on the carpet. Laughing
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Joined: 21 Nov 2006
Location: bedford, virginia

PostPosted: 2008.11.11(Tue)22:10    Post subject: Reply with quote

mold, or was the stand stained red?
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Joined: 21 Aug 2007
Location: Ellensburg, WA or Tri-Cities, WA, USA

PostPosted: 2009.02.12(Thu)5:11    Post subject: Reply with quote

This one applies to both me and my dad, since he was the adult then...

...letting your seven-year-old daughter and four-year-old son pick out fish like a schoolyard baseball team. We had two neons, two black neons, an angelfish, a ghost catfish, a pleco, and a goldfish all in the same tank.

And when the goldfish died my brother called 911 and handed my mother the phone with the operator on the line and the dead fish.

For me alone... putting your fish into a cereal bowl while you cleaned the tank. Then leaving before it was finished and leaving the fish in the bowl for three hours (in my defense, I was ten and my parents were leaving for somewhere and I had to come with... but I should have put the fish BACK in the tank). Compounding the mistake, it was a betta, two zebra danios, and a three-inch pleco in the bowl.

And it's a cereal bowl.
I came home to find the betta and both danios in the bowl and the pleco dried out on the floor. I was so sad! And very, very guilty. I went to go get a tissue and picked up the pleco to flush him.

And he moved. VIGOROUSLY.
I moved too- I dropped the fish like it burned me and darn near teleported across the room, I was so startled. Laughing When I picked up the fish a second time he didn't wiggle, and I dropped him back into the (now clean) 15 gallon tank.

He lived another two years, but he shed and regrew every fin (they'd dried out and died), the membrane over his eyes, and pretty much ALL of his scutes.

I kept a comet goldfish, a betta, and a clown loach in a three-gallon aquarium as a kid (sometime before I got the 15g).

Keeping a calico oranda in a two-gallon flour container, and asking my twelve-year-old brother to feed it while I was away, and not telling him HOW MUCH to feed it.... I came home to a quarter cup of soggy pellets in the bowl and a poisoned goldfish. (It died two weeks later, despite being moved into a hospital situation- meds, airstone, clean water, etc.)

My worst mistake as a so-called responsible adult was leaving a sick fish (oranda with swim bladder problems) at home with my family because I was tired of moving three large goldfish, a 15-gallon aquarium, a cast-iron table, and all the aquarium accessories back and forth between my dorm room and my parents' place (150 miles). I HAD to take them home every school holiday, because on breaks longer than a week they shut down power to the dorms, and I was at least smart enough to know three goldfish couldn't live in 15 gallons with no filtration for two weeks. The oranda died, and since my parents didn't know how to recognize illness in fish (and I KNEW they didn't, I'd just let it slip my mind), the other two also got sick and died, all pretty much within five days of each other. Crying or Very sad

Two or three years ago I put a pair of honey gouramis into my then-roommate's unplanted, fairly young 10g. I have NO idea of what the cycle was like then, just that her fish were alive (then)... but she'd drained the aquarium and refilled it when we'd moved just two weeks prior. Oops.
"The extent of her knowledge on fish is that you've got to water them."
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Joined: 20 Dec 2008
Location: Palmer, Alaska

PostPosted: 2009.02.12(Thu)23:35    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think I'll just go with my worst one. Actually, it was my fiance's, but I thought that they would be OK (at the time).

He kept a Pictus Catfish and a Bala Shark, along with two Dojo Loaches and a three-spot Gourami in a 6.6g all at one time.

The Pictus died sortly after getting it because it had/got Ich. The Bala went right after of the same thing.

He broke the intake thingy on the filter (HOB filter), so it was just an open chute into the filter.... one of the Dojos found it. Needless to say, we didn't realize it for a while until the tank looked REALLY bad all of a sudden one day and realized we had seen that Dojo for a while. He had since decomposed so bad that he was in two pieces. Shocked

Then, he decided to get a Betta to replace the Dojo... The Gourami didn't last long after that because it was so bullied by the Betta.

The other Dojo mysteriously died a couple of months later.

I can't quite remember what happened to the Betta, but I think his fins got stuck to the intake thingy on the filter.

Yeah, that's the worst one thus far. Mine haven't been quite as bad, but those will be stories for another day. Laughing
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Joined: 26 Dec 2008
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

PostPosted: 2009.02.12(Thu)23:47    Post subject: Reply with quote

-deciding it might be fun to keep 3f and 3m sailfin mollies in a 30L tank and breeding them

-keeping 40 sailfin molly fry in a 25L tank.

not very smart eh?
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New Members

Joined: 11 Mar 2009
Location: UK

PostPosted: 2009.03.12(Thu)0:41    Post subject: to many Reply with quote

Put a snakehead in a 2ft with a small oscar and some barbs, thinking I'd be OK while the 4ft it was going into cycled up with live bearers, it was only 3inchs, 2 weeks later I walk in to look and everything is gone to late was the cry.

Like a few I've heaters connected up to an external thermostat, I decided that the main tank needed a complete refit with new substrata, removed the fish into a 5 gallon bucket and placed a heater in there, got down to scooping out the stuff when I start coming across bristlenose cats not even seen them all about 2in and one of 4in drop em in the bucket and they keep jumping out and I'm thinking whats happening here as I keep putting them back in, then I touched the water it was warm next stop was bubbles.... managed to get everything out and put them in a bag which I then cooled down with water from different tanks, very surprisingly I didn't lose a fish but it wasn't from me trying on has to say.

I attempted to breed tilepia (sp) don't remember the species I'd just built a fish house and they were one of the ones I tried first, needless to say no success for no reason, so took em down to the shop where I was working as a kid and put them in there for sale, first guy in said yep I'll take em only been in there 2 hours and as they go in the bag a black stream comes out of one of the fishs mouths, hundreds of fry and I'd not known at all. dooh.

Client came in with a 4ft tank with a leak, leave it with me, stripped it all down resealed it, next day came in and filled it with water. Stood in the shop and theres an almighty crash, I'd left it on top of another smaller tank where I'd perched it the night before needless to say the bottom tank collapsed and just water and glass left. As a kid that one was expensive because I had to pay for a new tank for him.
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Joined: 24 Aug 2007
Location: Greater London, England

PostPosted: 2009.04.14(Tue)16:21    Post subject: Reply with quote

mine would have to be listening to a lfs when I fist started fishkeeping bought a 3 gallon plastic tank put the water in with no conditioner put in 6 corys, 10 neon tetras and 4 swordtails and being told they like very low pH as in below 3! I poured half the bottle which they instructed be to but now 5 years on I have a 20g,15g, 10g and 7g tank and I still have one of the corys and the last swordtail died this morning only noticed after ordering some fish of the web which will be here on thursday.

Edit: by the way that lfs closed down and then reopened by someone with over 30 years of experiance and now nearly everytime I buy fish I buy from there inless they don't sell what I want then I'll just order online
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New Members

Joined: 19 Apr 2009
Location: philadelphia

PostPosted: 2009.04.19(Sun)16:31    Post subject: Reply with quote

My very first mistake was a common one. I bought a 10gl tank, 3 comets and and a black moor....then I went out and bought 2 more comets and a fantail. ...I'm sure you know what happened next. Store owner told me all about the one inch rule....
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Joined: 13 Jan 2009
Location: Wisconsin

PostPosted: 2009.05.26(Tue)16:51    Post subject: Reply with quote

putting water at 55 degrees ferenheit into a tank at 76. It was a huge water change and the tempeture went down by a lot. Luckily only 3 deaths.(scizzor tail rasboras)
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Joined: 13 Mar 2008

PostPosted: 2010.01.12(Tue)21:49    Post subject: Reply with quote

mines has got to be the worst of all.......mistaking a 3 gallon tank for a ten gallon because it 'looked big' I didn't cycle it and I stocked it with 4 guppys, three danios, two platys, 6 neons, small 1 inch pleco, and one shrimp. two guppies died, then the danios all died from some kind of fungus growth thing, ileft the sick danios in a shallow bowl and played chemist...... later on the guppies and the platys had babies and all the fry survived miraculously in a large ceramic bowl. the shrimp ended up being constantly behind the filter because the fish kept on bullying it so I put him in with the fry and when the fry looked big enough I dumped them in my so called 'ten gallon'. in the end I was going to go to America for the winter and I forgot that I had no heater and that we were going to turn off the heater in my house when we left. unfortunately it gets to be around -17 C in Korea so when I came back I found all my fish dead and the fish must have gotten hungry because I found a skelton of a pleco in the tank. the so called 'ten gallon' is now home to my four yellow shrimp... Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed hahaha. told u it was bad.... Laughing Embarassed
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