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Oscar with pleco stuck in his mouth...
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PostPosted: 2012.01.11(Wed)19:58    Post subject: had it happen Reply with quote

literally just had this happen to me, the oscar had my pleco stuck in his mouth for over a full day. shouldnt have tried adding a pleco idk what I was thinking. I took him out of the tank, dropped him on the floor for a few mins while I attempted to pick the slimy b**ch up. eventually I got him and was able to wiggle to pleco out relatively easily (the fins were gone already and the back spine wasnt stuck in his mouth. the oscar is definately stressed now and I'm going to let him be for a day. his mouth is stuck half open and I fear that he will be dead in the morning.

my own stupidity = my oscars downfall

if he dies I'm going to just keep a dumb community tank because 30gal isnt enough for an oscar (hes been in it 2yrs and lived through a 5day power outage w/o air or filtration last oct) and I can't find a decent deal on at least a 50gal (which is still prob too small) Crying or Very sad

on a side note he lived in that tank with 4 tiger barbs, 3 pictus catfish and a gold nugget pleco for the 2yrs until the power outage killed everything but him and 1 catfish. my attempt to add another catfish and pleco failed. crowd your tank, expect deaths. learn from this please.
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