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small brown worms?
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New Members

Joined: 20 Apr 2007

PostPosted: 2007.04.20(Fri)12:02    Post subject: small brown worms? Reply with quote

I think they might be worms of some sort....just noticed them yesterday all over the tank on plants, rocks, gravel...and a fairly significant amount in the canister filter.....any ideas on what they are and how I can get rid of them or at least reduce the amount? They are very small at the moment....probably no bigger that 1/4 inch

125 Gallon Freshwater with 3 severum, 6 tigerbarbs, 12 inch plecko
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Joined: 20 Mar 2007
Location: Washington

PostPosted: 2007.04.20(Fri)18:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

Might it be possible that they are tubifex worms? If they are you shouldn't have to worry about getting rid of them as your fish will do it fast enough.
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Heather R

Joined: 04 Feb 2007
Location: NY

PostPosted: 2007.04.20(Fri)19:53    Post subject: Reply with quote

Most likely they are a natural part of the eco-system. The fish will eat them and clean things up a bit. They may be caused by overfeeding, if so, hold back on the food for a day or two, and again the fish will eat the worms.

They are nothing to be worried about. Wink
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Joined: 11 Jun 2003
Location: Phoenix, Arizona USA

PostPosted: 2007.04.20(Fri)22:26    Post subject: Reply with quote

Can you give us a better description of the worms? Some types of worms will be eaten by some types of fish but if you have an infestation and the fish aren't eating them, you will need to take other measures to control them.

Also please read the SICK FISH? sticky and paste the requested information as it will help us to help you with your worm problem as well.
Happy fishkeeping!

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