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Aggressive Molly
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New Members

Joined: 15 Feb 2007

PostPosted: 2007.02.15(Thu)17:57    Post subject: Aggressive Molly Reply with quote

Hi guys. I have a question about my Orange Sailfin Molly(Male). He has been getting very aggressive during and after feeding. I have 5 bronze cory, 1 betta, and a female silver molly.

During feeding he chases the female molly around quite abit, and once the flakes are done he heads down to the catfish and chases them a lot. He claims a huge area around a shrimp pellet and chases everyfish quite visously who comes near.

Is there anything I should do? Will the Cory(3/4inch) be fine with this or get stressed? I love the little guys and am tempted to return the molly but he is very healthy and beautiful. Any Ideas?

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Joined: 10 Dec 2006
Location: Yakima, Washington

PostPosted: 2007.02.15(Thu)19:20    Post subject: Reply with quote

Check out this info on Sailfins:
It seems they like brackish conditions and looks as though the rest of your tank inhabitants are not brackish water fish. I don't know that this would make him aggressive. But, you should check this out and see if you find your answer there.
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Joined: 16 Jun 2006
Location: UK

PostPosted: 2007.02.16(Fri)4:28    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mollies can live in brackish water or even full marine conditions, but they don't need it. What they do need is hard water. There is no need to think brackish to keep Mollies.

Mollies like a lot of fish can at times show "Aggression", it is normal to keep 1 male to 2 or 3 females, so they can spread this sexual "Aggression" around.

I don't think I would really use the word aggression (As in I am out to kill that fish), it is more than likely, he is feeling a bit randy or bored.

Sometimes you just have to remove the problem. What size tank are we talking about?

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Joined: 25 Jan 2007
Location: Plattsburgh, New York

PostPosted: 2007.02.16(Fri)12:11    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah bob is right, I had one Male and one Femal (lyre tail dalmation), and when I introduced the female into the tank, the male starting nipping and chasing her like crazy. I had to move them to seperate tanks.

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New Members

Joined: 15 Feb 2007

PostPosted: 2007.02.18(Sun)22:17    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks. Sounds like I should get another female or two to keep him busy. He seems to be a bit better now as I have added a few more fish (platys, and swords) but I will consider another female or two.

How often do mollies breed? Are they like guppies or much slower?

Oh and my tank size is 56 gallon.

Thanks guys
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Brave Dave

Joined: 25 Oct 2006
Location: Boise ID

PostPosted: 2007.02.19(Mon)13:57    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mollies take a little longer before they release thier fry. About two six weeks to two months time.

As for your new additions(platys and swords) I belive they need to be kept in the same ratio as the molly. Two females per male. Also with all of those livebearers you will have lots and lots of fry. Do you know what you will do with them? Some will be consumed by the parents unless there are lots of plants and rocks for the fry to hide in. I've never kept a betta but I would think they would help keep the population down, but I don't know. Just make sure you have a back up plan if you get over run by fish!
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