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Neon fin nipping!
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Joined: 19 Jan 2007
Location: Near Birmingham, UK

PostPosted: 2007.02.16(Fri)2:53    Post subject: Neon fin nipping! Reply with quote

I have 5 Neon Tetras in my 10G tank and they all seemed to be getting along fine. This morning I noticed that one of my Tetras, also happens to be the smallest of the group, has had his fins nipped really badly. Trouble is I think it is the other Neons doing the nipping.

Why would they do this? Also, it is slightly weird because the nipped fish still seems to be "happy" in that he is still feeding and still hanging around with the other Neons and is still getting food from the surface of the water.

Any thoughts?
35G-3 Neon Tetra, 5 Black Phantom Tetra, 1 Oto, 3 Skunk Cory
10G-2 Dwarf Gourami
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Joined: 07 Mar 2004

PostPosted: 2007.02.16(Fri)9:39    Post subject: Reply with quote

You don't hear of neons fin nipping much, but I supose its possible. On the other hands, I have seen some dwarf gouramis with bad attitudes before, which could get even worse around spawning time.

Have you ever seen any agression out of your gouramies? If not, why don't you try to add a couple more Neons...maybe you don't have enough (the more the merrier).

Let me know how its going. Good luck.
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Joined: 10 Dec 2006
Location: Yakima, Washington

PostPosted: 2007.02.16(Fri)9:50    Post subject: Reply with quote

Is it possible that it's something more involved like fin rot? Have a look here:
If it is just fin nipping then fin rot could come next. I had that problem with my corys when I first got them. The store that I bought them from had them in with some very nippy zebra danios and nowhere to hide. I brought them home and treated them with MelaFix and now their fins have grown back and they look great!
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5 gallon: cory fry tank
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Joined: 09 Feb 2007
Location: PEI, Canada

PostPosted: 2007.02.16(Fri)11:08    Post subject: Reply with quote

This has happened to one of my neons too, and they are the only fish in the tank. I think there must be some nipping going on but I never see much of it!
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Joined: 01 Sep 2006
Location: NYC

PostPosted: 2007.02.17(Sat)21:24    Post subject: Reply with quote

I use to see that when I last had Neon Tetra. They dart at each other really quickly. Fins are missing but I think they regenerate over time. It is difficult to breed them so I don't think its because they are trying to get it on. I read an article that states that sometimes healthy neons will pick on the weak or sick neons(NTD) as well.
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