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Betta with TB?
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PostPosted: 2007.02.03(Sat)12:11    Post subject: Betta with TB? Reply with quote

I got a new betta about two weeks ago. The tank had been used to house my previous betta, so had been cycled; because it was empty for a little while, I did seed it with fresh gravel from my established community before putting the new betta in. I emptied it out and scrubbed the glass (it had some algae growth), but the gravel, driftwood, and Anubias nana went right back in as they had been.

The new betta was physically fine when I got him, as far as could be seen, except that he would not eat. After a week, I went back to the LFS and asked for advice. They told me they only feed live blackworms, and sold me a cup of them. So, for the past week, the betta has been eating exclusively live blackworms, which I assume he has been eating his entire life.

Now, he is starting to bend a little bit. Right behind his gills, he is starting to develop a slight curve to the right. From the left, he looks fine; but from the right side, his scales look odd... almost like a very faint dropsy, minus the swelling--they just aren't laying completely flat.

His behaviour is fine; he's just as curious (and hungry!) as ever. He has no external wounds.

He is due for a water change today, so I will do one carefully in case it is TB, but is there anything else I can do for him? I did some research and found that for TB, isoniazid + Kanamycin + Vitamin B-6 is the only known cure for fishy TB, but I have no idea what this means. I also found that he could be infected with a sporozoan. I am a biology major... but this still makes my head spin!

Could someone possibly shed some light on this whole situation for me?

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