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Concentration / Dilution of Levamisole HCL
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Joined: 29 Jan 2007
Location: Illinois

PostPosted: 2007.02.03(Sat)1:23    Post subject: Concentration / Dilution of Levamisole HCL Reply with quote

Hello all,

The powder that I purchased had 18.15 grams of active Levamisole in 20.17 grams of power, and I am assuming that the rest is inert.

LEVAMISOLE HCL - 20.17g (0.712oz) {18.15 grams activity}

The active 18.15 grams of activity is what we are interested in using.

If you use all of the powder (20.17 grams) you mix 18.15 grams with 100 ml of water, or 18.15/100 ml.
This will give you an 18.15% solution

Now I have seen a 7.5% solution recommended to be used, so here are some dilutions for a 7.5% solution:

18.15 g / 242 ml = 7.5% divided by 2 =
9.075 g / 121 ml = 7.5% / 2 =
4.53755 g / 60.25 ml = 7.5%

Dividing by 2 for smaller amounts, I am sure you get the idea !

By the same token, FOR A 5% SOLUTION
18.15g/363 ml = 5% solution / 2 =
9.075g / 181.5 = 5%, etc.

Now for this next part, a dropper might help.
I REMEMBER FROM CHEMISTRY CLASS THAT APPROXIMATELY 20 DROPS OF PURE DISTILLED WATER = 1 MILLILITER (ml) The following dilution is recommended by some people to be used: 1 ml of solution / 10 gallons of water.
( This is according to Cathy G's post with a source from another site ), well worth reading and should be read by anyone who may have this problem.

Now , here is the trouble I ran into ...

I went ahead and tried to "wing it" BAD, BAD, TERRIBLE idea.

I premixed about 1.5 teaspoons of this powder and then added it to my 29 gal tank at about 10:00 PM.
Went to bed about midnight, all was well.
Got up this morning & 5 of 6 of my 2 - 2.5 inch Gold Barbs were dead, as was a powder Blue Dwarf Gourami which had already been ailing from a bladder problem ( I think).

My 4 remaining Angelfish, 3 Gouramis and the last Gold Barb looked pretty poisoned as well so I hurried up and transferred the Barb to a 10 gal that has barely had time to cycle, but it seems to have saved it.

Then I did about a 50% water change.
The fish are alive & I think they will be OK.

This means that (roughly) with this kind / concentration of active powder I don't think that I should ever use more than 1/2 teaspoon / 30 gallons or about 1/6 of a teaspoon / 10 gallons.

You can bet that I am going to find a gram scale somewhere over the weekend.

I am kicking myself now & I feel bad that I killed some beautiful barbs.

I should have kept 1 or some for dissection but I was so mad that I flushed them without thinking about it.

Anyway, the Angel with the most visible infestation seems to be trying to pass a large grey mass that seems only to have a few worms in it, but it did happen within 24 hours.
Another one is passing a lesser mass with 1 or 2 worms, and 2 others don't / didn't seem to have the worms, but I don't see how they could be clean while the others have it, which, of course is why I am treating the whole tank.

Thanks for listening, John P
Does anyone near Chicago know anyone who wants / will take so Black Mollies (NOT FOR FEEDERS)?
I will not let them go as feeders

I now have about 100 pure Lyretails and about 40 - 1/2 Lyretail 1/2 Plain (Mother's side).

I do not have room or time for any more tanks.

Thanks, JP
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Cathy G

Joined: 27 Jan 2006
Location: Wisconsin

PostPosted: 2007.02.03(Sat)15:12    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh dude I feel for you. That stuff is so stinking hard to dose correctly! You'd think some of the fish med. manufacturers would come up with a product which would deliver the right amount of levimasole per 10g's...

Sorry about your loss, but you are in good company. Seems like more and more fish are coming down with the camelanus worms.
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