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fish personality?
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Joined: 06 Mar 2005
Location: Trinity, TX

PostPosted: 2007.01.31(Wed)15:43    Post subject: fish personality? Reply with quote

I can tell they are healthy, but I cannot tell if they are happy. I've seen several comments from people saying "my cories love this" or "my betta enjoys" and "my so&so plays by doing"

I've noticed some weird behavior of my fish already. When I am doing water changes, the giant danio swim frantically back and forth through the current of the new water when it is being poured into the tank. The platies will go to the other side of the tank, or another area, but the giant danio want to stay right inside of it where all of the bubbles are.

The giant danio are schooling fish, I know that now, they were brought to me from a family member as a gift and I had to look them up to find out what they were. I'll get 2 or 3 more so keep those company because their behavior amuses me so much.

The platies are weird though. They stick very close together and never leave each other's sides. I can't wait for her to have her babies so that the tank will be more populated.

The glowlights, which were male and female, stick right beside each other and rarely ever separate, and like to hover near my hand when I do tank maintenance

I would introduce cherry shrimp but I have a feeling someone in that tank would eat them, especially the weather loach I planned to get.

I wish that I could put angels in without fearing they would make a snack of all my smaller inhabitants.
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leon the neon

Joined: 12 Feb 2007
Location: UK

PostPosted: 2007.02.16(Fri)11:22    Post subject: Reply with quote

awww the danios probably like the feeling of the water. ie the stronger flow.
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