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Stocking with Bichirs in a 56g
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Joined: 19 Feb 2004
Location: MA

PostPosted: 2007.01.29(Mon)17:51    Post subject: Stocking with Bichirs in a 56g Reply with quote

Hey folks,

I bought a 56g tank almost 2 months ago and cycled it fishless. I bought 2 juvenile senegal bichirs (3.5" at the moment). At, they say in a tank that size you can have the two senegals and a cichlid or two.

We have an oscar in another tank thats 10" and its crammed in a 30g high (we rescued him from an elderly man who had him in a 15g tank). I was thinking I could maybe put him in the tank for now and move the senegals to another tank to grow out until they aren't bite sized. I also wanted to know if there was another cichlid I could put in there with them.

The tank's dimensions are 30x18x24 (its nice and deep and tall, so maybe fish that like the top of the tank?)

Senegals are compatible with most of the central and south american cichlids that aren't extremely aggressive.

I also have a 55g Emperor filter and a 55g powerhead on it, so the filtration and aeration are very adequate on this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Bolivian Ramage

Joined: 10 Sep 2006
Location: N.S, Canada

PostPosted: 2007.01.29(Mon)18:39    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK, I personally would never put an oscar in a 55g not even a 75g by himself no matter what pll say! From what I've seen over the years and personal experiences with large fish it's not very fair to the oscar.

The sengals are fine in that 30 for now, they take awhile to grow. Make sure they get a good diet of lean meet. It will take a long time for them get to be a safe size to put in with that oscar!!! TRUST ME !!!! They might not look like they can fit in his mouth but be warned they will make very fine meals. The oscar will grow 5X faster then they will too so make sure there around 6" when you put them together.

For the "now" your gonna want to give the oscar a few roomates so he doesn't get too territorial! Cause If hes living by himself for a year then you add those sengals hes gonna kill them anyway! No doubt in my mind. So I would updrade to a bigger tank that suits your budget and do it now rather then later! Maybe a 90g would be perfect I believe, you could have some different interesting cichlids mixed in there too! That way the oscar won't be toooo secluded when you add the sengals like I mentioned before. Some Good choices for other cichlids, would be Severums,acara's,dempsey's, anything along those lines would be ideal. So play it smart or your gonna be very disappointed!

LOL I remember from a past experiece when I did it backwards and added an oscar to my bichir tank and my 9 incher killed the oscar just because he was in there by himself and it was his domain! So always add dither fish if you don't want trouble!!!
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