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Why can't Goldfish be kept with other species?
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Cliff Mayes

Joined: 11 Mar 2007
Location: Western NY

PostPosted: 2008.06.22(Sun)12:31    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry for this, the Topic has been beaten to death.

Fish are not humans. Fish are different than us. We keep certain bizzarre varieties for our own purposes. As long as a market exists for anything someone will attempt to get rich supplying the market.

Animals (fish in ths instance) have no control over the conditions we put them in. One of the basic drives any creature has is to survive. Just because two different creature are forced together does not mean they prefer the situation, they cope and make the best of the situation.

Goldfish can live a long time. Fancy varieties of Goldfish will usually live over 5 years. Singletail Goldfish usually live well over 15 years. The Singletail Goldfish can easily get over 18 inches.

Ponds are usually overcrowded. Any pond under a few thousand gallons is small but as long as the water volume is not challenged by the bio-load even a 20 gallon "pond" is OK. The usual gallons per fish for Koi is about 400. Koi can quickly reach 3 feet or more in size under optimal conditions so assigning specific numbers is chancy at best. What do you want out of your pond is always the first question to ask. The answer is going to be predicated on funds, space available and what your ethical standards are towards the critters you keep.

I apologize again for this, and it is much too long even though there is much more to be said.
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