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Suggest a tankmate for my juvie Black Belt?
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PostPosted: 2007.01.23(Tue)20:25    Post subject: Suggest a tankmate for my juvie Black Belt? Reply with quote

Hullo. Just wanted the opinion of some forum members as to what might be a good tankmate for my juvenile Black Belt. She's 2" and currently housed in a 30L(36"). Right now she's all by her lonesome after killing and partially eating her previous tankmate, an equally-sized angelfish. Oi, was that ever a tragic mistake.

In any case, since she is obviously going to outgrow the 30, I'll be buying a larger tank when I move out in a year or so. In the meantime, I want to get her a companion that I could possibly keep with her after they've both grown up and been moved to a 90 or possibly a 100.

She's pretty fierce for her size. She beat the poor 6" spiny eel I added to death in a matter of a few days. I was thinking a Green Terror, or maybe a Firemouth. Something that can stand up to her, but not rip her apart. Ideally something that's not going to grow much larger than her(8-10"). Any suggestions?

Oh, and here's a recent photo of her. And this one shows off her colors a lot better.
And no, I cannot sex my fish at this point. Just calling her a she. I've had her for almost two months now.

Thanks for your implied input~
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