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May be about to lose a cori
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Joined: 16 Jul 2006

PostPosted: 2007.01.21(Sun)13:48    Post subject: May be about to lose a cori Reply with quote

I may be about to loose a small Cori julii.

It lives in a planted 29gallon tank with 65w CF light, a 150w heater set to 72, and DIY CO2. I change about 8 gallons weekly using tap water treated with Prime. For the first time this week I have abnormal parameters; my Nitrate and pH have both spiked.

Nitrate = 10mg/L
pH = 7.8
Ammonia = 0 ppm
Nitrite = 0 ppm

pH is normally at about 7.2 for this tank. To get it there I use Acid Buffer. Tankmates include two other, larger Cori julii who often chase the little one. I also have 14 Ember Tetras and about 12 cherry shrimp. I have a huge number of snails, both ramshorn and "mystery" which hitch rides in on my plants. I also have a severe green hair algae and diatom problem. I think I may have been overfeeding. I typically fill a 1/4 teaspoon 1/4 to 1/3 of the way twice a day with new life spectrum small fish formula. Filtration is done by a millennium power filter, bought in an emergency a few months ago when my eheim cannister filter broke down.

The small cori is swimming upside down, and travels to the surface to poke its head out of the water. A couple of the tetras are also surfacing.
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Angela G.

Joined: 24 Mar 2006
Location: Florida

PostPosted: 2007.01.21(Sun)16:49    Post subject: Reply with quote

First what is the pH of your water from the tap? You shouldn't really try to lower the pH of your water using chemicals.

As for the algae. Do you add any fertilizers for your plants? Plants need more than light. If you add a lot of light but don't follow up with proper fertilization and CO2 you will get algae. It's a balancing act to get everything just right so the algae doesn't become a problem.

If your fish appear to be gasping you may want to check your CO2 levels. To do that you need to find your KH and then the pH of your water, but you if you're using chemicals to lower your pH your reading will be skewed.
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