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FAQ: SNAIL Infestation! Why? What should I do?
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Michael L.

Joined: 20 Nov 2005
Location: Nanaimo, B.C, Canada

PostPosted: 2005.11.30(Wed)19:36    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have never seen the need to get rid of snails... maybe its because I just put them in my different tanks. Anyways I heard that if you put pennies in the tank it will kill them but I would probably take out my fish first. I do know that copper is toxic to snails but when I was a kid I used pennies as decorations and it didn't seem to hurt them. It might be worth a try anyways.
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Joined: 17 Jan 2006
Location: United Kingdom

PostPosted: 2006.01.18(Wed)11:06    Post subject: Snaily trouble. Reply with quote

I know just the best fish to use to gey rid of snails. They are -- the PUFFERFISHES!! They really love snails and the species you could try are the figure 8 puffer, green puffer, they LOVE snails!

Good luck with your snail population!!
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Joined: 11 Jun 2003
Location: Phoenix, Arizona USA

PostPosted: 2006.01.18(Wed)11:44    Post subject: Reply with quote

I discovered a snail depopulator for small tanks: The African Dwarf Frog. My little 2 gallon planted unfiltered tank had only snails in it for a while until I bought a pair of frogs for my son. Not long after adding the frogs, I realized that the MTS were all gone.

It was a little sad actually, because there was a really big one in there, and I do like the snails in my tanks (they don't tend to overpopulate, and they keep the dead plant matter cleaned up).

If you do have an overpopulation of snails in a small tank that cannot accomodate the other snail eaters, then try a few ADF. Overfeeding is a primary cause of snail overpopulation but in a planted tank with plant-eating snails, it's a different story. ADF will eat anything alive that will fit in their mouths, so don't combine them with smaller fish or shrimps, or fish with long flowing fins that might be mistaken for food.
Happy fishkeeping!

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Joined: 11 Feb 2006
Location: PA

PostPosted: 2006.02.12(Sun)13:39    Post subject: Reply with quote

If you add some Malayan trumpet snails (I think that's what they're called), they will eat any food scraps that the pest snails would otherwise eat. Also, these snails do not lay nasty gooey eggs on plants, nor do they eat plants unless they're dead. They even eat the eggs of other snails, in my experience! Very Happy While they're getting established, keep removing the other snails until the Malayans take over. Too many Malayan trumpet snails is never a problem because they don't bother anything except for the eggs of other snails. Very Happy
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Joined: 13 Feb 2006
Location: Denmark

PostPosted: 2006.02.13(Mon)16:01    Post subject: Reply with quote

I found the Dwarf Chain Loach ( Botia sidthimunki ) as the best choice to keep snails in low numbers. It grows no more than 5 cm. Don't forget that snails do a great job in a planted setup. It will not consume the big ones only the eggs which is great, and it will not uproot your plants as the big Loaches would. Upside-down Catfish is known to eat snails.
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Joined: 13 Mar 2006
Location: NE Ohio

PostPosted: 2006.03.19(Sun)22:35    Post subject: snail infestation Reply with quote

Yes, dwarf puffers, and clown loaches eat snails...but as many mentioned, clowns get BIG and need a large tank. Dwarf puffers will kill a snail population in no time, but are not always great in a community they mature they start to enjoy nipping fins on the fish. Mine was great for over 2 months and then I started noticing my fish were being torn apart. "Missy" is now in her own tank with a ghost shrimp for company. I know I am not a single case... if you check out dwarf puffer websites you will see this happens MOST of the time when they start to mature. Another note about DP's...they don't take well to flake or pellet foods....mostly only live or frozen. So now I also have to buy frozen bloodworms and the occasional batch of live brine shrimp and blackworms. If you don't want to have a fish with "special needs" please don't try a DP for snail control!
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Brian Pellerin

Joined: 02 Jan 2006
Location: Lawrencetown, NS, Canada

PostPosted: 2006.03.20(Mon)12:29    Post subject: Reply with quote

My brother's betta loves de-shelled pond snails with a passion. My betta spits out anything that isn't his favorite pellets... but the ghost shrimp love'em!

By the way, in my experience ramshorn snails are worse plant-eaters than pondsnails.
And God said, "...let them have dominion over the fish of the sea." Gen 1:26

And he spoke of... fishes. 1 Kings 4:33
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Joined: 13 Jan 2006
Location: Baltimore

PostPosted: 2006.05.05(Fri)19:49    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would recommend clown loaches, they're great for snail infestations. They might get too big for the average tank though...
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gotta snail prob
New Members

Joined: 28 Jul 2006
Location: cheshire

PostPosted: 2006.07.28(Fri)8:48    Post subject: HELP!!!SNAIL INFESTATION!!! Reply with quote

HELP!!! I need to get some fish that will munch my snails all 400 Shocked that have appeared from nowhere in the last month!!! I have fry, baby mollies and I don't want them to get eaten if I introduce the wrong snail exterminating fish! I have read the articles on puffers but in cheshire(u.k) there are none available Sad , we have a very limited variety of fish in my area! I am not a fan of killing things so would it be possible to put the snails in nextdoors pond Razz ? PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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Joined: 15 Jan 2007

PostPosted: 2007.01.15(Mon)18:27    Post subject: Reply with quote

Careful with those freshwater puffers most tend be brackish(I think thats the word...) or need some salt in the water and tend to be mean to fish smaller than them.. Try the yoyo loaches they work wonders for me and try to scoop some out with a small net
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