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Lethargic Apistogramma Nijsseni Male
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PostPosted: 2007.01.17(Wed)22:06    Post subject: Lethargic Apistogramma Nijsseni Male Reply with quote

Tank Size: 48 US gallons
Method of Cycle: Fishless cycle with ammonia
Tank has been running for: 8 weeks and 3 days
Inhabitants: 6 (Newly introduced) apistogramma nijsseni (three pairs)
Ammonia: 0 ppm
Nitrite: 0 ppm
Nitrate: 5-10 ppm
pH: 6.3
Hardness: "very soft" (exact numbers unknown)

I recently purchased six apistogramma nijsseni from apistodave on Upon arrival, I noticed that there was an extra fish in along with the six I purchased. I acclimated the fish by floating the bags in my aquarium water, and adding a small cupful of tank water to the bags every 15 minutes. The fish were released when the bags were full.

When the fish were released, four retreated to the caves I set up as territories, two (presumably a pair) snuggled up in the front left corner, and one lay down on it's side in the middle of the substrate. This fish was soon dead, and after scooping and disposing of the fish I noticed that the male in the front left corner was also begginning to lay over on it's side.

I am very worried about the fate of my fish and I am wondering what I can do to save them. A couple things that may be noteworthy are that the dead fish had pretty well shreaded fins coming out of the bag, and that all of the female fish are doing fine. This is my first time with critically ill fish, so I don't have any experience with treatments or anything.

Thanks in advance,
I'm Back Smile
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