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Help! Overfed fish
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New Members

Joined: 07 Jan 2007
Location: Canada

PostPosted: 2007.01.07(Sun)20:55    Post subject: Help! Overfed fish Reply with quote

Embarassed Crying or Very sad

I have a new tank that was set up 16 days ago. I probably made all the mistakes, partly through bad advice at the store... cycling with fish, probably too many of them at the start, feeding everything they can eat in several minutes ...

I started the tank wtih 2 black tetras, 2 white tetras and 8 neons. I lost 7 of the 8. The remaining one seems fine. Last casualty was a few days ago.

From all my reading, my main problem was overfeeding the fish. The water is very cloudy and I have mold growing everywhere. I did a 30% water change 2 days ago with some improvements.

pH is at 7.0
nitrate around 0.1
ammonia is high today but difficult to read since the color I got doesn't match the scale provided but I'd say around 2.0

How often can I change the water and how much to resolve this problem? How can I get rid of all the junk in the water. I tried fishing it out when I changed the water but there is still so much...

Please help! I feel so bad for the poor little guys!
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Angela G.

Joined: 24 Mar 2006
Location: Florida

PostPosted: 2007.01.07(Sun)21:05    Post subject: Reply with quote

First off, don't fret too much. We all make mistakes in the beginning. At least you're trying to learn the right way now, so good for you.

When it comes to water changes, you can change the water as often as you need to get the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels down. Always monitor the water closely when you start a tank or introduce fish. It's a good idea to check at least once a day, and in this case twice a day probably would not hurt. If you see any readible amount of amonia change at least half of the water. Amonia is not at all good for your fish.

Some helpful tips when changing your water:

Always make sure the temperature of the new water is close to the temperature of the water currently in the tank, you don't want your fish to go into shock from sudden temperature changes.

Use a water conditioner to make sure all chlorine is out of your water. You can simply add the needed amount to the tank after you've drained out water, but before you add the new water.

Always change the water when ammonia or nitrite levels are high. These two chemicals are dangerous for fish. Nitrate can be handled at much higher levels but you should do regular water changes to prevent the buildup of it none the less.

Here's a good resource on how to cycle a tank without fish. I know it doesn't help when you already have fish in the tank, but if the worst should happen at least it can help get started a better way without putting fish in harm's way.

P.S. Check out the articles sections of this site if you haven't already. There's lots of great information there that can really help out those beginning on their fish keeping journey. Good luck with your fish keeping Smile
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New Members

Joined: 05 Jan 2007
Location: Toronto, Canada

PostPosted: 2007.01.07(Sun)21:42    Post subject: Reply with quote

How big is your tank? What kind of filter do you have? and what did you mean by the 'junk in the water'? fish waste?
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New Members

Joined: 07 Jan 2007
Location: Canada

PostPosted: 2007.01.08(Mon)8:31    Post subject: Overfed Fish Reply with quote

Thanks Angie for the comments.

My tank is 29G.

I have a biological filter with the little spinning wheel... Bio-wheel...

The junk in the tank I believe is mold from the uneaten food. It is white and fluffy and surrounds the uneaten fish and I have some all over the gravel and decorations.

I am taking care with the temperature and the chlorinw when I change the water but was unsure how often I could do it. I'll try to syphon the gunk out...

I'll definitely cycle my next tank without fish... Why is it that store personnel don't recommend this and tell you that you can purchase fish within 24 hours of setting up your tank??

Thanks for the help. Off to do a water change...
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Joined: 16 Jun 2006
Location: UK

PostPosted: 2007.01.08(Mon)8:55    Post subject: Reply with quote

A lot of the staff in LFS's are poorly paid people who aren't really interested in fishkeeping, they are also in business to make money !!!

By selling you fish from day one (Often very unsuitable ones), they have a chance of selling you replacement fish when they die, and loads of un-needed chemicals etc.

Shame it's often that way, all we can do is try and find a good LFS and support them with our trade.

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