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2 tanks 2 spawnings on new years day!
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Joined: 15 Aug 2005
Location: Ky

PostPosted: 2007.01.02(Tue)11:25    Post subject: 2 tanks 2 spawnings on new years day! Reply with quote

Yesterday on new years day, I awoke to find my albino cories spawning in the 29 gal. planted tank. Egg deposits on glass and sword plant leaves. This is their second spawn. No survivors from the first. The 3 males were spawned and raised in the same tank one year ago. They were the only survivors at that time. The female I already had gotten from local lfs, that is a few months older than the males I raised from eggs. Hope a few make it this time.

Then a few hours later my pair of angelfish. koi male & german blue blushing female) spawned several hundred eggs on one of the intake tubes of the hang on back filter, at one end of the 55 gal. tank. This is their 4th try at spawning, and it seems to be going better this time. I did a 15% water change the day before and added a large piece of driftwood that floats and rests against the center brace. On the other end is a canister filter and 12" bubble stone. They have taken over the entire right side of the tank, keeping everyone else on the other side of the driftwood in the planted tank. Both parents take turns fanning the eggs every few minutes. I left the light on all night on the right side so they could tend to the eggs, which they did a very good job doing. Constantly guarding and fanning all night long. The male did take about a 2 hour break early this morning, and went to the dark side of the tank for a nap, of course leaving the momma to tend the eggs all by herself. Laughing I have a feeling that if and when they hatch, the parents will move the fry over to the driftwood. They have been pecking at the wood and talking about it among themselves. Yes I can read their minds. LOL Wink
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Joined: 20 Dec 2006

PostPosted: 2007.01.02(Tue)13:26    Post subject: Reply with quote

Must be the results from all these wild New Year parties. All these fish, they sure know how to have fun! Laughing
125 g discus tank 13 discus, 5 Sterbai cory, 3 clown loaches, 1 Albino BN pH 6.3 50% WC x2/wk
2 g nano tank 3 Danio, pH 7.6 80% WC/ 2 days
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