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What is wrong with my fish, they are okay,still....?
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PostPosted: 2006.12.31(Sun)18:16    Post subject: What is wrong with my fish, they are okay,still....? Reply with quote

Yes okay, so I can't remember the last time I did a complete water change and tank clean-up on my 55 gallon african cihlids containing about 8 or 9 fish. It has been minimum of two and ahalf months. From what I know they actually need weekly water changes with prime water quality. But I have been lazy and all I did during those three months of rest ( for me ) was top up the water level exactly three times. Thye don't look sick, or listless, or are weak, they eat and swim. The only thing is that one or two did die since the tank could not hold the bio-load and the stocking was bit high. There is only one type of algae that is in the tank and that's green spot. There is no major case of HOle in The Head either. The filtration is one 20 gallin inside filter and a 60 gallon tetra power filter. LiGHTS ARE JUST POWER-GLO FLUORESCENT AND THEY REMAIN ON FOR SHORT PERIODS OF TIMe. Has anyone experienced any time where the fish won't die?. If I measure water perimeters what can I expect?
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