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Got my Tunze Nanostreams
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Pete Harcoff

Joined: 18 Jun 2005
Location: Canada

PostPosted: 2006.11.25(Sat)1:54    Post subject: Got my Tunze Nanostreams Reply with quote

Had a surprise visit from UPS today. I wasn't expecting the Nanostreams quite so soon (I'd pre-ordered a couple of the 6045's back in August and they had been delayed quite a bit from their original release in Sept.).

At any rate, I've now got the two 6045's rigged up in my 56 gallon tank.

My initial fears were that the 6045's would push around too much water for my tank. I'd previously been using two MJ 1200's and one MJ 900 for a combined flow of ~820 gph. In contrast, the 6045's push about 1190 each. Two of those would move 2380 gph, almost 3 times what the MJs were pushing. I was prepared for a sandstorm

However, my fears were negated the minute I put the first 6045 in the tank. Despite pushing a lot more flow, they have a much wider flow, thus the overall pressure is less. As a result, the actual effect in the tank seemed gentle compared to the previous Maxi-jets, despite pushing more water around. With two at the same time, I certainly got a bit of a "dust storm" as crud in the reef was kicked around. But the overall effect wasn't as dramatic as I originally feared.

The design is pretty nice. They take up about the same room as a Maxi-jet, but are easier to position and aim thanks to their ball-and-clamp design. In addition, they use very strong magnets instead of suction cups. So no worries about the pump coming loose and falling into the sandbed. They are also black and since I am using a black background, blend in more than the Maxi-jet's did.

The only real drawbacks are small, but worth noting. For starters, the clips to attach the round clamp which connects both the magnet and the pump itself are flimsy. I ended up bending, then breaking on of them trying to connect the clamp to the magnet. Luckily the remaining three clips were sturdy enough to hold everything together. Another caveat is the cords are a standard 6' length. Not so bad if you position them near the top of the tank. But if you move them further down in the tank, you could run into problems due to the short cord length. Finally, they do tend to make this rattling noise, but I've read that this is normal for the first few days operation and should go away in time.

Anyway, I'll update my further impressions as I see how the Nanostreams perform. I plan to add some SPS corals at some point, so I'm hoping they provide enough flow to keep those corals happy and healthy.
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Joined: 04 Jul 2004

PostPosted: 2006.11.25(Sat)12:20    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Pete, good info...
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Pete Harcoff

Joined: 18 Jun 2005
Location: Canada

PostPosted: 2006.12.12(Tue)20:26    Post subject: Reply with quote

Figured I'd update this review with my continued impressions.

First of all, they did quiet down in time. They still aren't quite as quiet as my old Maji-jet 1200's were, but they are not loud. The noise from my Coralife Super Skimmer pump is still louder, so they are quiet enough.

Second, the magnets are incredibly strong and this actually is a drawback when attempting to reposition them. It's not possible to simply grip and slide the outer magnet. You pretty much have to remove the magnet, then reposition them by hand inside the tank. Perhaps they would fair a little better in this regard with some thicker glass.

Other than that, I have no major complaints. They do their job, which is move lots of water around. I still haven't found optimal positioning for my tank, but I expect I will in time.
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Joined: 21 Feb 2004
Location: Meadowlakes, TX

PostPosted: 2006.12.12(Tue)22:03    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wide dispersed flow is so much better than the jet that comes out of a Maxi. I am using two MJMods, each pushing over 2500gph, a Seio 1500, a Hagen 901 pushing 935 gph, and shroud enhanced maxijet 1200 pushing an est. 1000 gph, not counting the return pump, the cannister input I am pushing over 7000 gph in the 125. No sandstorm with my southdown but it has cleared away and piled up in a few places. I may need a little more flow and will end up doing another shroud enhanced maxijet 1200 because on my wavemaster pro it alternates the current and really breaks up the flow.

I have a friend with the new Tunze nanostreams and his impression was positive, he is our local equipment junkie and knows his stuff. I am glad your impression was the same of them.
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