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red algae?
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Joined: 24 Oct 2006

PostPosted: 2006.10.27(Fri)3:58    Post subject: red algae? Reply with quote

Now that my 110 fowlr tank has been set up for a little over two weeks there is a red/brown slightly hairy growth on all surfaces. It is growing on my rock, substrate and plants (fake). I asked the guy in the pet store about it and he thought at first it was red algae but then he thought it was just slime. It is slightly hairy and it flows back and forth with the current. It is really starting to take over the tank. One problem is that the tank is still cycling and I cannot buy snails or cleaners. Is this a normal growth and should I do anything about it?


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Joined: 10 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: 2006.10.28(Sat)1:33    Post subject: Reply with quote

If it is reddish and slimy when rubbed between the fingers it may be cyano bacteria (not good). This is usually due to poor water quality and/or flow. Two weeks is a little soon for that but check those two conditions anyways.

If it looks like little hairs and is more rust coloured it is probably a diatom bloom and is a just a stage in the cycling process. Under normal circumstances they will diminish on their own. A cycling tank can expect blooms of differing alga/diatom/bacteria types as it slowly achieves stability.
Do you use R/O filtered water? Normal tap water often has levels of nitrates/phosphates/silicates that promote these types of blooms and using filtered water reduces them.

Good luck!
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