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Stock Idea 1 - Please critique
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Barby Girl

Joined: 05 Apr 2006
Location: Ohio

PostPosted: 2006.07.09(Sun)21:29    Post subject: Stock Idea 1 - Please critique Reply with quote

This is a tentative plan I've come up with to stock my 46g bow front. I am more then aware that I will need to stock very slowly and patiently. Please be brutal and let me know if this will work. This is not in any particular order. For equipment, I will get a top of the line protein skimmer and also a power filter for chemical filtration. I will have 192 total watts of lighting.
3-5 corals (still haven't decided what kind, but thought this was a good number to start with, depending on type I want the option to add more in the future)
2 Ocellaris clowns
1-2 Bengaii cardinals (some places seem to recommend a single, some pairs, what do you guys recommend?)
1 royal gramma
2-3 neon gobies
1 red star fish
2 cleaner shrimp OR 2 fire shrimp
2 hermit crabs
1 turbo snail
1 pink tip anemone

Does this sound over stocked? Based on the small size of all the fish I want, I thought it would be alright to have that many. I really don't want to compromise on the clowns, so they are the number one priority fish. Second priority would be the star fish and anemone. Third priority is the Cardinal(s). Corals are a must, but being that (based on my reading) all those fish are reef friendly I don't see a problem there. I didn't find any reason why these fish/inverts wouldn't be compatible, but please point out any over sights!
Thank you for any insight you guys can provide!!!
Barby Girl
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Pete Harcoff

Joined: 18 Jun 2005
Location: Canada

PostPosted: 2006.07.09(Sun)21:59    Post subject: Reply with quote

Personally, I think that is a touch overstocked. Then again, I have a conservative nature when it comes to stocking tanks.

These particular fish are all reef friendly, so no problems there.

Apparently gobies can be pretty terratorial, so it's best to keep just one, or perhaps a mated pair.

Cardinals you could do a single or a mated pair as well.

If it was up to me, I'd go the two clowns, then one of each of the other fish for 5 fish max.

You're going to want more snails and hermits than that. It's generally recommended to have 1 (or more) turbo snail per gallon. Yes, that means 46+ of 'em. I personally don't follow that rule, but you might want at least 20 or so.

Not sure about the star fish, but everything I've read suggests that starfish are in general a bit tricky to keep. You'll want to hold off until your tank is well established before trying something like a star fish.

Unfortunately, you don't have enough lighting for an anenome. Anenome's require a LOT of light. I'm assuming you probably have PC (power compact) lighting based on the wattage. That would allow you to keep lower-light corals, but if you want moderate to high light corals or an anenome, you'll need more lighting (I.e. VHO or metal halides).
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Barby Girl

Joined: 05 Apr 2006
Location: Ohio

PostPosted: 2006.07.09(Sun)23:13    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK, so here is a revision:
2 Ocellaris clowns
2 Bengaii Cardinals OR 1 cardinal, 1 gramma
1 Neon Goby
1 Red starfish (to be added near last)
2 Cleaner shrimp OR 2 fire shrimp
lotsa hermits and snails... too bad I can't harvest the snails out of my 20g FW, lol, it has more then enough.
3-5 lower light corals (If I really wanted a medium to high light coral could I put it right near the surface?)
I read I could do a Caribean Anemone with my lighting, apperantly they require less light then other anemones and as an added bonus, I read they are hardier then most and less expensive, I believe these are the type of anemone the local chain pet shop has that they sell for $6, where as the anemone I looked at today at the aquarium super store were closer to $50. I will need to further research that.
I will have to look at my lighting more closely, I knew I needed over 150W and for personal reasons wanted lunar lights. I told the guy at the store they were for a reef and I wanted lunar lights and the set up would have to be "cat friendly" and I got what he recommended, the only thing I remember about them were the 2 96W bulbs and lunar lights. I will research them (I have the UPC code so will google it and/or the description tomorrow) and if they aren't going to be good enough, will upgrade when I go pick up the tank, I have a deposit down on everything, but I can't see them not letting me change my mind for something that is bound to be more expensive.
Barby Girl
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