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Totally cool new plants
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Robert H

Joined: 24 Mar 2003
Location: Oregon

PostPosted: 2006.03.04(Sat)13:46    Post subject: Totally cool new plants Reply with quote

If you havn't heard yet, I have a whole list of rare Singapore plants arriving March 10th.

Anubias nana petite $6.00

tinie tiny nana!
Leaves no bigger than a thumb nail!

Fissiden on mesh $12.00

carpet foreground plant
a moss like plant that stands erect.

Hemianthus callitrichoides $7.00

The ultimate carpeting plant
A plant like no other. Sold per 2" sq

Limnophila hippuroides $3.00
Gorgeous dark red
sold per bunch of 5 stems

Ludwigia cuba $3.00
sold per stem

Ludwigia guinea $18.00
Sold per stem. Extremely rare

Ludwigia pantanal $3.00
sold per stem

Narrow leaf Java Fern $2.00

Long narrow leaves. Sold per plant. Grows easily and quickly for Java fern. Low to moderate light, with or without C02

Pogostemon helferi $10.00
one of a kind
A totally unique plant. Sold per crown

Ranunculus papuientus $3.00
sold per bunch

Riccardia chamedryfolia $9.00
Mini pellia
A moss like plant that creates a unique ground cover. Sold on wood

Rotala pusilla $3.00
sold per bunch

Rotala goias $5.00
sold per bunch of five stems

Rotala vietnam $3.00
sold per bunch of five stems

Tonina belem $3.00
sold per bunch of five stems

Tonina manaus $3.00

Vesicularia ferriei $3.00

Weeping moss
sold per portion

These prices will go up after the 10th
Robert Hudson
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