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PostPosted: 2006.01.12(Thu)18:47    Post subject: Reply with quote

Floridapets, is one of the best, if not the best online vendor I have ever dealt with. They are a marine animal (and a few dry goods) online vendor.


-A very good selection of animals, many of which you will not see for sale at the bigger places like Liveaquaria.

-they have GREAT prices.(A nassarius snail from FP, will cost you .75$, one at LiveAquaria, will cost you 1.99$ !!!)

-They collect most of their livestock, which makes a huge difference in the pricing, like I stated above

-They have the best customer service. They will verify, and re-verify with you before making you pay, and then re-verify...AGAIN before shipping. It isn't an annoyance at all. It is great to know that they do care about customer satisfaction, unlike many other businesses.If you have questions, just ask them, and they will help you, using there many years of experience. Even after making the sale, they still keep in contact with you to know how the critters are adjusting

-The shipping is very reasonable! Especially for those of us who live in the southeast, which means FREE SHIPPING!

-I could go on and on about all of the benefits, but I just want to add one more thing. SIGN UP FOR THE E-MAIL NEWSLETTER! They have some very interesting creatures only available to members! Their may also be other surprises for those who sign up for the members page!

-Only one con, and that is that they don't always answer your e-mails. I can completely understand why though. They only have a few people that work there (which isn't a bad thing, since that means lower prices!), so they must be busy a lot. I can see why they don't always get the chance to check and answer every single email that they get. So if you do want to get ahold of them, just call them. It is toll free, so no loss.

Hope everyone found this useful!
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