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Needing help with plans for a multipal tank filter?
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leslie ferguson

Joined: 02 Aug 2005
Location: amarillo,texas

PostPosted: 2005.11.07(Mon)13:59    Post subject: Needing help with plans for a multipal tank filter? Reply with quote

I'm starting a breeding bussness and m wanting to find some plans for a multipal filtration system for 10- 10gal tanks. They have to be cheap and easy to make only have $400.00 bucks to make it with please if you have any plans or know of any sites that has some let me know.

I'm going to be breeding asst. Apistogramma's,full red cockatoo's,orange,panda,and three stripe apistogramma's along with clown,golden lyretail, golden dream, gardneri panchax killifish

Also going to have some of the harder to find in this area plants and also going to be raising guppeys and mollys for two of the mom and pop fish shops here in town to bring in some quick and easy money the guppeys or going to be reds and blue and yellows breeded to the same color females not all differnt colors breeding to all differnt colors.

I've got some ideals on the filtration system but m needing some kinda drawings or plans to put it in motion as soon as I can I got 3 to 4 weeks before the apisto's and the killifish get here. so need to have this filtration system u and going by then. Now I'm not going into this blind I've been looking in to this for over a month now and have a whole bunch of info on the fish and info on how the shipping and pricings going to go.

I'll be selling to people on the sites I go to at 5% above cost so if your paying $49.99 for a pair of double red cockatoo apistogrammas I can sell them to you for $15.00 a pair.
I've been bitten by the deadly betta bug and the only cure is buy more bettas. Got to love those Halfmoons and halfmoon plakats { The ture fighter }
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Joined: 31 Aug 2004
Location: Fort Wainwright, AK

PostPosted: 2005.11.07(Mon)18:21    Post subject: Reply with quote

my best friends dad owns a wholesale fish dealer
he has abotu 50 tanks on one system I have the plans for them PM me
150g Reef, 55g FO Marine, 30g FO marine, 10g Frshwater, 10g nano reef, 5g Betta bowl
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