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DIY CO2 reactor
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Rex Grigg

Joined: 26 Feb 2005
Location: Portland Oregon

PostPosted: 2005.10.22(Sat)9:44    Post subject: DIY CO2 reactor Reply with quote

OK, since I promised to show how to build a very simple and inexpensive reactor here is the article.

Parts List:

A - 1.75" PVC T
B - 1.75" PVC T with one 1.5" outlet
C - 1.75" PVC pipe about 18" long
D - 3/4" hose barbs
E - 1.5" PVC plug
F - 1.75 " PVC threaded plug with 3/4" thread
G - Same as F
H - 1.75" PVC cap.

Note I picked up these parts in about five minutes at the local Home Depot.

Both T parts can be straight 1.75" with no problem. If they are then E needs to be 1.75"

If you need 1/2" hose barbs then get parts F and G with 1/2" threads.

Part E is simply drilled with a small drill bit and the CO2 feed line is fed though the hole.

Here is the reactor fitted together. Note I have NOT glued anything together. If someone wants to purchase this reactor then contact me via my web site. I can put any size hose barbs you need within reason.

Link to my Guide

Semper Fi
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Joined: 10 Dec 2003
Location: The swamp

PostPosted: 2005.10.22(Sat)14:09    Post subject: Reply with quote

If this is hung vertically, you can add a venturi loop about 1/3 to 1/2 way down from the top by adding a 3/16" hole drilled into the side of the reactor tube.

Insert a 1.5" piece of 3/16" rigid airline tubing and glue into place well.
Add a silicone air line to this tubing and feed the other end into the powerhead or pump adding the water to the reactor.

If you use a canister filter to drive the reactor, you can place the other ned near the top of the spray bar and taper the tip of the line to fed the mist into the tank.

Note, the mist and gas is CO2. As the day progresses, the efficiency of the CO2 reactor changes. When the water is very CO2 poor the gas is rapidly compressed and dissolved. CO2 is far more compressible than other gases relatively.

So it may seem like the bubbles are disappearing relative to say O2 gas.
You will get finer mist using CO2 than other gases due to this. But the CO2 is still quite souble in water even at high ppm levels of CO2 dissolved, but it does not maintain the same rate of dissolving.

Rex, MatPat has done up a photo of one of the venturi loops on his reactor.

Several folks have noted a drop of 0.3-0.4pH units with no other changes to their bubble rates or system.

This also works well for folks using a sump reactor.

Tom Barr
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