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Platy may have a hole in his head.
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PostPosted: 2009.03.25(Wed)19:29    Post subject: Platy may have a hole in his head. Reply with quote

I've posted this in another thread already, but most of the issues are resolved and the thread wasn't really about this, so I'm hoping I can get an answer to my platy problem.

At first I just thought he had aggrivated ich, but now I think he has hole in the head.

I'm very concerned, he started with a flaky whiteness on his head, but it is no longer white, it seems to have flaked off, leaving an absence of scales. I think there is a hole in his head. I believe the top of his eye may either be exposed or the skin over it is translucent now. The skin there is substantially shallower than on the other side. I will include pictures.

An entire half of his face is flaky and whitish along the edges of all the scales, and they're flaking off around his eye, which is fine. He is not swimming around, hasn't in a few days.

Is it Hexamita, and can this effect my other fish? What can I do about it? I have him seperated from the other fish for closer inspection in a tupperware because I'm afraid it is contagious or the other fish/the ich might pick on him because he's weakened, even though all of my fish are vastly non-aggressive.

Anyways, if I violated anything by posting this in a seperate thread, I'm sorry. I think this is different from what my previous thread was asking though. A link to the other thread can be found here for tank specs and other important information.
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