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OK this one is for everyone!!! A few guidelines
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Joined: 05 Feb 2003
Location: Houston TX

PostPosted: 2003.04.07(Mon)13:50    Post subject: OK this one is for everyone!!! A few guidelines Reply with quote

I have spent the last few days observing people and the way they have been posting. All I have to say is PAY ATTENTION!!! There are certain guidelines that many have not been following which are outlined in the introduction section.

Arrow Don't use foul language. If you wouldn't use it in front of your mother or your boss or someone you have just met, DO NOT use it here. I deleted three posts today with language that is absolutely inappropriate for a family setting. People, we have kids who come here. Watch your mouths/fingers.

Arrow Don't use all caps or a million exclamation points or question marks. Three is enough. More than that is irritating, hard to read and very hard for us to take you seriously. It also will not get you any replies any faster.

Arrow Please type in proper English sentences. It's easier to read and internet chat slang is not welcome here. Just to give you a few examples: u = you, y = why, r = are. Come on people take the extra couple of seconds to properly write out your posts and maybe even proofread them so other people can read them. If someone's first language isn't English it makes it doubly hard for them to read and we are an international board.

Arrow Don't use one liners. "I agree." and "Don't do this," are candidates for immediate deletion. These types of posts waste valuable space here on this board both for people to look at and the actual space it takes up on the system.

Arrow Please elaborate on your advice. If someone shouldn't do something then tell them why. Go into minute detail if you have to, but don't just type "Your tank is too small." or "Those two fish are incompatable." Give them reasons and cite examples of what may happen or what you have seen happen in these instances.

Arrow If you can find the scientific name for what you are asking about or if you are replying to a question ask them if this is the fish they mean. Common names are the source of many of an aquarist's headache.

Arrow Above all else if you don't KNOW from personal experience state exactly where you are getting your info. It may be wrong. Even the biggest aquarist's make mistakes. Axelrod once said that the clown loach is not a community compatible fish, I have a copy of the book that it was written in. To tie in with this, if you don't know the answer don't give advice and wait for someone else to help the person out. If you aren't positive you are correct then you may be wrong and you may give the wrong advice.

Please remember these little bits and pieces and you'll make the mods, Marcos', and everyone elses lives a lot easier.

Thank you.
"Feminae bene moratea historiam raro faciunt"
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Joined: 27 Nov 2004
Location: Northern Germany

PostPosted: 2004.12.18(Sat)2:48    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good guidelines.

And I know it's an international board so I'm fairly forgiving, but I see posts from too many people who have a good chance of having English as their native language writing incomprehensible sentences. I know sometimes we're busy, in a hurry, or panicked over a problem, but frankly--somebody has to say it--I can't understand some posts until I read them multiple times and make some guesses at what the author is trying to say.

Typos are one thing, and spelling skills are another thing, and grammar is yet another thing, and clarity is supreme, but in my honest opinion, I believe authors would catch a lot of their mistakes if they would just preview a post before sending it. Preview it and read it from the mindset of another reader, and ask yourself if you've explained yourself clearly enough. S-l-o-w--D-o-w-n and read it carefully. Then rearrange sentences, add in those missing commas and periods, and please capitalize the first letter of each new sentence. That is not too much to ask, in my opinion. That's not like being graded in school, but rather, that's what we go to school for.

I have my own difficulties as I'm immersed in a culture right now where English isn't the language I use, so my own head gets muddled sometimes as I struggle to not speak English like a German, but darn it, I do try. I just think some others aren't trying at all.

I used to go to newsgroups instead of web forums for this reason - users of newsgroups tend to be on the average, more careful about their grammar and writing style. But Usenet (newsgroups) generally aren't quite as friendly; in fact, a lot more people are downright rude on Usenet.

I really hope I'm not being out of line here by commenting on this. I mean no disrespect, especially to very knowledgeable and friendly people. I'm just trying to point out an issue that, if addressed by enough people, would really improve the quality of my (and others') time spent reading this board.

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Marcos Avila

Joined: 05 Feb 2003
Location: Santo Andre (Brazil)

PostPosted: 2004.12.18(Sat)3:16    Post subject: Reply with quote

Quite the contrary, your comment is very in-line and we've had to post reminders like this many many times. The main problem is with some members (especially but not exclusively the younger ones) who tend to regard the message board like a chat room, where they can hastily and clumsily spurt out whatever comes to their mind, for the sake of speed and in detriment to just about everything else.

This message board is NOT a chat room! Nobody's sitting there, looking at the screen and waiting for your reply to come, and nobody's going to reply to you immediately after you post. It is much better for you and for the board to take your time as Laskey said, and compose a decent/coherent message in content and appearance. People will enjoy reading it more, respect you more, take you more seriously, and be stimulated to give you better answers. What's there to lose? If it means you're going to post less, so be it...from the board's perspective, one good post is much preferable to as many bad ones as you can type in the same time.

Success with a fish/tank is measured in YEARS, not months or weeks...
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Joined: 28 Jul 2009
Location: Washington State, USA

PostPosted: 2010.01.14(Thu)0:44    Post subject: Reply with quote

I was looking at all the old topic's and found this one. I think that this should be made a sticky. I have been seeing 'BTW' a lot. I didn't know what this mean't until somebody explained it to me.

Thank you Marcos and the Moderation for helping me, having a friendly website, lot's of useful information.

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