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WELCOME! Click here first...
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Marcos Avila

Joined: 05 Feb 2003
Location: Santo Andre (Brazil)

PostPosted: 2003.03.16(Sun)11:46    Post subject: WELCOME! Click here first... Reply with quote

Dear Visitor,

The Age of Aquariums Discussion Board is a little different from what you'll normally find in fish boards out there. The atmosphere here is friendly and relaxed, however we take the hobby very seriously and see this space as an important tool for our 'mission' of promoting true Fish-KEEPING, as opposed to what we call Fish-HAVING, sadly the more popular version worldwide, where people just basically collect disposable young fish in their tanks for a few short months until they die and are replaced by more disposable young fish.

We want our hobby to be a popular, fun and rewarding activity, but at the same time concerned and respectful towards nature and towards the well being of the live animals we maintain captive. To us the fish and other critters we keep in our tanks have the right to grow into adulthood, live a long and healthy life, maybe even procriate, and eventually die of OLD AGE like any other pet. Almost all species found for sale in the hobby live for at least 3 years when properly kept, and many reach 5, 10, 20 years or more!

What we want to see here are relevant and intelligent discussions that promote the goals above. This family-friendly board is more oriented towards adult fishkeepers, but members of all ages are welcome as long as they behave as expected in a mature, adult environment. Please read and follow the guidelines posted throughout the board to avoid causing problems to the other users, to the moderators and, ultimately, to yourself. The rules are few and simple, always based on common sense and on the objective of maintaining a functional, useful board for everyone. If you have any questions, please contact any of the moderators by Private Messenger or post them in the 'Site Issues' forum (the last one in the forum index).

Thanks for reading,

The Moderation Team

Success with a fish/tank is measured in YEARS, not months or weeks...
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