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bicolor3.jpg (30kb)

My Red-Tailed Black Shark. (JUN 98) More Images

Name: Epalzeorhynchus bicolor
Size pHGHTemp
Origin: Thailand (Me Nam R.)
12 cm 7.5 10 26oC

The Epalzeorhynchus bicolor (formerly Labeo bicolor) is a popular fish added to community and asian biotope aquariums. It has a pitch black body color and only the tail is red. When healthy, the colors look so great that it can easily be confused with a marine fish. As with other Labeo's, it tends to be intolerant towards its own kind (which makes breeding these fish extremely difficult).

My bicolor is about 9 cm long and is actually older than the E. frenatus that was added with it, but the latter grew faster and is now dominant. They fight a lot (notice the torn tail in the photo), and the bicolor often uses the dense plantation to hide. Its inferior status has stunted its growth a little, but has never affected its general health, appetite, etc.

The recent introduction of two new albino E. frenatus has made things better for the bicolor, because the dominant brown frenatus now has 3 fish to worry about instead of just one. The bicolor has been swimming around a lot more, and even seems to be growing faster now.