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betta2.jpg (34kb)

My blue female Betta prowls on a piece of flake. (OCT 97) More Images

Name: Betta splendens
Size pHGHTemp
Origin: Thailand
6 cm 7.0 8 26oC

The Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens) is a beautiful and hardy fish which suffers from a popular misunderstanding, even among many aquarium hobbyists: they are thought to be incredibly aggressive and must be kept isolated. This is NOT true! In general, females are absolutely peaceful, and males are only aggressive towards other males of the same species (they often fight to death). Because of this, and the fact that Bettas can breath directly from the air, they are kept in those tiny pots in pet shops. But just because they survive in those pots doesn't mean they enjoy it. Like any other fish, Bettas will be much happier if they live in a tank which at least allows them to swim around a little. They make excellent fish for peaceful community tanks as long as you keep one male and any number of females. I bought my 3 bettas already at adult size (6 cm), and after about a year they died one at a time through a 6 month period. Since they showed no signs of stress or disease, and bettas have a rather short life span (only a few years), they probably died of old age.