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bala3.jpg (32kb)

The easy going Bala Shark. (JUL 98) More Images

Name: Balantiocheilus melanopterus
Size pHGHTemp
Origin: Thailand, Sumatra, Borneo
36 cm 7.1 8 26oC

"Hardy" and "Undemanding" are the best words to describe Bala Sharks. They're among the best-humored fish you can get. Everything's always fine to them, no matter where you want to set your water parameters or what you want to feed them. More than that, they're totally non-aggressive and very active, spending most of the time searching the entire tank for bits of food. They get pretty big though, so a large tank is reccommended. It may take a while for them to get comfortable in a new tank, during which care should be taken so they don't jump out. My 3 Bala Sharks are currently about 15 cm long. They lived their first 2 years in my 200 liter tank, and when they started getting too big I moved them here. They adapted immediately and are doing great.