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aspy1.jpg (34kb)

A tiny aspy cat. (APR 98) More Images

Name: Aspidoras pauciradiatus
Size pHGHTemp
Origin: Rio Negro, Brazil
4 cm 6.8 8 25oC

The Aspidoras pauciradiatus is a close relative to the Cory Cats (Corydoras sp.). Since it doesn't seem to have an english common name, I decided to baptize it as "Aspy Cat". They grow about the same size as Cories but have a much more elongated body. They're also just as playful and fun to watch as the Cories. I bought these 2 incredibly small (~1 cm), and they've now grown to about 2 cm. They seem to love newly hatched snails, so I've been letting them do the snail control in this tank. To learn more about Aspies, visit Corys 'n More.