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aq250_03.jpg (37kb)

This is Aquaricamp´s 250 liter planted tank. (MAY 00) More Images

Dimensions(cm): 100x50x50
Type: All glass w/ wooden stand & hood.
Lighting: 5x30 W fluorescent.
Filtration: Penguin 170 + Whisper 2.
CO2 supply: DIY yeast reactor.
Temperature: 24-30°C
pH: 7.0
Hardness: 6 dH
Population: ~100 cm of fish.

Background, left to right: Ceratopteris thalictroides, Echinodorus martii, Ceratophyllum demersum, Ludwigia arcuata, Hygrophila polysperma, Hygrophila corymbosa. Middleground, left to right: Vesicularia dubyana, Rotala macrandra ´narrow leaf´, Isoetes lacustris, Cardamine lyrata, Echinodorus bolivianus, Bolbitis heudelotii, Microsorum pteropus, Didiplis diandra, Echinodorus sp. ´ozelot´, Althernanthera rosaefolia, Cabomba caroliniana. Foreground, left to right: Vesicularia dubyana, Samolus parviflorus, Anubias nana, Echinodorus tennellus, Cryptocoryne sp..

An assortment of community fishes: Cardinals, Tetras, Rams, Swordtails, Platies, Minnows, Bettas, Cories, Plecos, etc. (in shop tanks the fishes are always coming and going).

Aquaricamp is the nearest Fish Shop to my present home. I´ve known the owners for about 10 years, and they´ve always been more specialized in marine and reef tanks. But lately (and partly because of my constant annoyance :-) they´ve become more interested in FW setups too, and invited me to help them popularize the planted tank part of the hobby, which is still little developed around here. Thus, in April´00 we launched this great tank, which is definitely the best setup I´ve done so far. It figures, since they gave me full support to do it exactly as I wanted, and I was able to apply all the accumulated experience of the last 4 years I´ve been learning with my own planted tanks, my books and my friends on the net.

The tank´s dimensions are, to me, ideal for a planted tank. It has lots of room for a rich aquascape (more than 20 species), not too tall (50 cm), and the 50 cm width is great to create a visual effect with a lot of depth. Lighting is composed of one AquaGlo, one Actinic, one 10000K, and two 6500K tubes (all 30 W), which adds up to 150 W (0.6 W/L) well distributed througout the tank. Substrate is 5-7 cm laterite, covered with 3 cm of fine natural gravel (1-3 mm). It was further enhanced with Tetra Initial Sticks. Decoration is made with 2 large pieces of driftwood and 4 smaller ones (no rocks), and the plants were arranged in order to create a densely planted region on the right background part, slowly transitioning to a sparsely planted region (only short plants) on the left front part. This is because anyone who enters the shop sees the tank diagonally at their left, exactly as featured in the photo above. Most of the plants are cuttings I brought from my own home aquariums, and the "carpets" of Java Moss and E. tennellus are still forming. Maintenance involves mainly the regular pruning of plants, which are growing at amazing rates, plus changing the CO2 mixture every 15 days and weekly 10% water changes, accompanied by addition of liquid or solid fertilizer.

As part of this aggreement with Aquaricamp, in exchange for the set up and maintenance of this tank, I began taking part in the setup of any similar tanks that the sell, and also offering maintenance service to whoever´s interested. This gives me the opportunity to create new setups with other people´s space and money, since I don´t have any more personal space and money for that :-). In recent months I´ve already set up a few interesting planted tanks, and they will be showing up in this section as they get photographed.