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aq110_01.jpg (29kb)

This is my sister's 110 liter Cichlid Tank. (APR 00) More Images

Dimensions(cm): 85x60x60 cm (Triangle)
Type: All glass w/ wooden stand.
Lighting: 150 W Halogen Spotlight.
Filtration: Millennium 2000 + Reverse UGF.
Temperature: 25-28C
pH: 8.0
Hardness: 16 dH
Population: ~30 cm of fish.

1 Auratus (Melanochromis auratus)
1 Electric Blue Johanni (Melanochromis johanni)
1 Powder Blue Cichlid (Pseudotropheus socolofi)
1 Lombardoi (Pseudotropheus lombardoi)
1 Daffodil (Neolamprologus sp.)
1 Lifalili (Hemichromis lifalili)
1 Orange Chromide (Etroplus maculatus)

This setup is a dream come true. Little after I started reactivating my tanks back in 96, I began wondering what to do with all the old bleached corals and crushed shell gravel that I had at home, since I was no longer willing to set up any of the old style "Fish-Only" marine tanks. Then one day I thought "Hey, why not try a "False Marine" tank then? Just fill it up with freshwater and populate it with hard alkaline water lovers!". I kept that idea on standby for a while, until March'00 when I accepted this beautiful tank as payment from a local shop where I had credit. It's shape is triangular (imagine a 60 cm glass cube cut vertically along the diagonal), meant to be placed on a corner. Unfortunately, no matter how much I tried I was unable to fit this tank into any corner of my new apartment, so I then passed it on to my sister and brother-in-law, and set it up for them in the waiting room of their Dentist Office. In fact, that's my latest trend...since I love to set up new tanks, but don't have any more space nor money to do it at home, I've decided to start doing it with other people's space and money :-)

The tank was started on April 1st, and two weeks later I introduced a tiny Auratus (you can actually see him in the picture above as a small vertical stain half high on the right edge of the tank). Within the next 4 weeks, the other african cichlids were added one or two at a time, until the team was complete as listed above. Everybody's still pretty small (3-5 cm), but growing fast. This is the first African Cichlid tank I set up, and I'm very thrilled despite the fact that I only see it personally every two weeks or so.