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aq050_01.jpg (56kb)

This is my girlfriend's 60 liter cardinal tank. (OCT 97)

Dimensions(cm): 60x30x33
Type: All glass w/ painted black frame.
Lighting: 15 W fluorescent.
Filtration: Millennium 1000 + UGF w/ 500 l/h powerhead.
Temperature: 28-32C
pH: 6.4
Hardness: 6 dH
Population: ~40 cm of fish.

Cabomba caroliniana, Nomaphila stricta, Hygrophila polysperma, Sagittaria subulata

7 Cardinal Tetras (Paracheirodon axelrodi)
4 Gold Tetras (Hemigrammus rodwayi)
4 Lyretail Zebra Danios (Brachydanio rerio var.)
2 Cory Cats (Corydoras sp.)

I gave this aquarium to my girlfriend for Christmas 96. It's her first tank and she's learned the hobby pretty fast. It was cycled with the Zebra Danios, and the Cardinals and Gold Tetras were added about one month later. They have proven pretty hardy, since the tank shifted from alkaline and soft (in the beginning), to acid and hard, and then acid and soft. Only one Cardinal died during these changes. The Cory Cats were added a few months later since no one else was eating food from the gravel. The plants in this tank have never done as well as in the others, probably because it doesn't get as much lighting and the UGF here is too strong. The tank sits in the living room right beside her TV, so we can watch it instead during commercials :-)

[JAN 98] The setup was modified to become a guppy tank. The cardinals were moved to her new angelfish tank and the danios and gold tetras were returned to a shop. The 3 guppy couples immediately started doing what they do best (reproduce) and she was delighted.

[JUL 98] My girlfriend got tired of removing dozens of baby guppies every month (I fed them to my Jack Dempseys). We collected all the adult ones she had raised (10 males and 8 females), sold them to a shop, and once again transformed the tank. She's now collecting several Barbs in here.