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aq030_01.jpg (35kb)

This is my 30 liter open tank. (APR 99) More Images

Dimensions(cm): 50x25x25
Type: All glass, open top.
Filtration: AquaClear 150.
Lighting: 15 W fluorescent.
Temperature: 26-28C
pH: 7.0
Hardness: 4 dH
Population: ~12 cm of fish.

Microsorum pteropus, Echinodorus spp., Nomaphila stricta, Samolus parviflorus, Anubias barteri var. nana, Alternanthera sp., Cabomba caroliniana, Egeria densa

2 Kribs (Pelvicachromis pulcher, couple)
2 Otos (Otocinclus affinis)

I set this tank up in December '98 just for fun. It was completely set up with leftover equipment from all my other tanks: gravel (including additives), decorations, plants, lighting, filter, heater, even the glass itself was a gift from a friend who didn't want it anymore! The gravel is dark on the right side because I covered it with used activated carbon, also leftover from old filter cartridges. For the first few months it didn't have any fish, and I was just using it to store bundles of plants that were pruned from other tanks. But slowly the aquascaping began taking shape, and I began to like it more and more until I decided to raise it to the same status as my other setups (and show it here). Also just for fun, after introducing a rather large cutting of Nomaphila stricta, I decided to leave the top open and let it grow out of the tank. To my surprise it grew incredibly fast, became really beautiful and now regularly gives me small purple flowers that have a very pleasant scent. Click on "more" above to see it. I still haven't decided which fish I want to keep in here...for now there's only a couple of Kribs and a pair of Oto's.