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acari1.jpg (26kb)

My mysterious spotted catfish hiding under driftwood. (APR 98)

Name: Baryancistrus sp.
Size pHGHTemp
Origin: South America
12.5 cm 7.0 10 24oC

I found this 4 cm long catfish in the middle of a bunch of common plecos in a fish shop. The shop owner knew nothing about it (not even its name), and sold it to me for $4.50. I've searched the books and the net, and still haven't found a definite ID on this fish, although it's almost certainly a Baryancistrus sp., and Planet Catfish has a couple of candidates (L86, L177). If you have any ideas please contact me. It's a really shy little fish and until now this is the only picture I've been able to take of it. Data in the table above is for Ancistrus hoplogenys.